Magical Mountain Views: An Alta Lakes Observatory Wedding

Hidden amongst the alpine trees with breathtaking mountain views, and spectacular panoramic landscapes, this wedding location looks like something straight out of a postcard. If you’re looking for an intimate celebration, surrounded by nature, an Alta Lakes Observatory wedding could be your perfect choice!

At A Glance 

Budget: $7,000 – $15,000
Capacity: up to 50 people
Packages: 2 main packages are available 
Catering: not included 
Accommodation: up to 12 people
Contact: The Observatory at Alta Lakes

About The Alta Lakes Observatory Wedding Venue

Nestled 11,3000 feet in the alpines, the Observatory in Telluride was constructed in the mid-70s using locally sourced timber and stone which pairs seamlessly with its surroundings. Just 13 miles away from the town of Telluride, it’s easily accessible, yet remote enough to feel like it’s your own private moment. 

Why You Should Consider It

This one-of-a-kind wedding location is surrounded by mountains, trees, blossoming fields, and an alpine lake that reflects the breathtaking mountains. With a backdrop like this, you’re guaranteed to get the most spectacular and timeless Alta Lakes Observatory wedding photos on your big day. It truly is one of the best wedding locations in the world!

This modern wedding venue in Colorado features natural materials and comes with stained glass windows and a huge, cozy fireplace. On top of this, the Observatory at Alta Lakes is perfectly placed to give you the best views of the night sky! 

Whether you want a private chef or some caterers to come in, the lodge comes with a fully equipped kitchen that can accommodate your vision. It’s worth noting that once there’s snow, the lodge is only accessible via a snowmobile (kind of cool to be honest)!  

Ceremony And Reception Location 

It’s season dependent but the maximum capacity is 50. For an intimate and private wedding with 12 guests or less, it’s available all year round to enjoy every little corner of the venue. For a wedding with more than 12, mid-June to early October is available.

From the cozy indoor setting to the jaw-dropping mountain view outside where you can dine with sparkling string lights above you, this is truly a one-of-a-kind location. Relax and enjoy your moment in private with your loved ones without disturbance from anyone apart from maybe an eagle soaring above you — it truly is a magical wedding venue in Alta Lakes Colorado!

Alta Lakes Observatory Wedding Accommodation & Packages

For couples who think one day just isn’t long enough, I have great news for you! Two packages are available. 

For smaller weddings, the rate is $7,000 including a 3-day, 2-night stay. And for larger celebrations, the rate is $15,000 including a 4-day, 3-night stay. Both are great for celebrating with your guest as well as having some time on your own too.

The lodge sleeps up to 12 and you’ll also have access to a hot tub (imagine all the stargazing you could do!) and an outdoor fire pit during your stay. It’s a great opportunity for adventures around the area and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings by going on hikes, canoeing, or paddle boarding on the lake. 

Overall, this observatory wedding venue is surrounded by breathtaking mountainous views and is one of the best wedding locations in Colorado to photograph at. 

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July 14, 2023