Misty Elopement on the Oregon Coast at God’s Thumb

Hiking through the lush forest, inhaling the salty coastal breeze, and marveling at the delicate ferns adorning the hillsides marked the serene beginning of Tamara and Spencer’s enchanting elopement day on the Oregon Coast. As they embarked on their journey, the towering spruce trees whispered tales of ancient wisdom, enveloping the couple in a sense of awe at their place amidst such grandeur.

The trail meandered through the forest, ascending gently before revealing a breathtaking coastal view. The Oregon Coast, renowned for its natural splendor, is filled with incredible locations for an elopement, and God’s Thumb was no exception with it’s unique structure & unparalleled beauty. When we finally arrived at the viewpoint, the sky was still blue and the fog was just starting to roll in, adding an ethereal touch and shrouding the landscape in a soft embrace.

As the mist enveloped them, Tamara and Spencer found themselves immersed in an intimate dance with nature, their love mirrored in the delicate tendrils of fog weaving around them. The ethereal atmosphere lent a profound sense of intimacy to their elopement, accentuating the sacredness of their union amidst the coastal wilderness.

As they exchanged vows in the presence of ancient trees and swirling mist, Tamara and Spencer found solace in the knowledge that their love was as timeless and enduring as the coastal landscape itself. At God’s Thumb, they discovered not only a breathtaking backdrop for their union but also a reflection of the boundless magic that exists within their hearts.

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May 9, 2024