Colorado Springs Elopement Guide: Everything You Need To Know

A Colorado Springs elopement is filled with jaw-dropping mountain scenery, luscious forests, and spectacular natural wonders. It’s the perfect location for outdoorsy couples ready to take on their next big adventure together. 

Besides the undeniable beauty, the town offers plenty of opportunities for both adventure and relaxation alike. It’s the perfect honeymoon destination offering various activities and an unforgettable place to revisit in years to come.  

So, if you’ve been wondering about how to plan an elopement in Colorado Springs, I’ll be your guide, providing you with everything you need to know to tie the knot!  And I may be biased because I live here, but it truly is one of the best places you could elope!

How To Legally Get Married In Colorado Springs

Firstly, let’s get the big question out of the way: how to elope in Colorado Springs and make it official on paper!  

If you’re wondering “Can you elope in Colorado Springs?,” the answer is a big YES! It’s actually pretty easy. 

For a Colorado Springs wedding, you just need to obtain a marriage license from any county in Colorado — it doesn’t have to be from Colorado Springs. You’ll need proof of ID (passport or driving license) and for both of you to be present. A marriage license in Colorado Springs Colorado costs $30.

As there is no waiting period, you could technically get your license, get married, and return it on the same day. But to dodge needless pressure and challenges, give yourselves some extra time in your wedding timeline.

You don’t need to have an officiant or any witnesses sign your marriage license if you don’t want to, but you’re welcome to if you do! So invite your close friends & family, or you can opt for an intimate ceremony with just the two of you for a private wedding. You can also bring along your pup to sign as a witness – Colorado allows your dog to “sign” the marriage license with their paw print!

Just remember, once you pick up your marriage license it has to be used within 35 days and sent back (in person or by post) to the county it was issued in. 

The Best Time To Elope In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is great to visit any time of the year as it’s open all year round, with many accessible locations even in winter. But it’s important to acknowledge each season’s unique advantages and considerations.

Spring is the perfect time for outdoor adventures, and as the temperatures are milder, it’s a wonderful time for outdoor elopements among the new growth and colorful wildflowers. I personally love springtime in the Springs because it’s still not too busy, and everything is beginning to turn green again after the winter!

The summer is a popular time, both for elopements and visitors. Longer days and warmer weather make for ideal conditions for celebration. I recommend this during any season, but especially summer – if you want to avoid crowds, consider having your elopement on a weekday, or during sunrise or sunset!

Colorado Springs during the autumn is crisp and magical, and depending on the day, it can be chilly or it can be really warm! It’s important to layer up because it could be a little chilly. As the temperatures start dropping so do the number of tourists, but it’s a wonderful time to see the radiant fall colors, and enjoy what the city has to offer.

Winters here are chilly but mild, and not as cold as other mountain towns. There is potential for snow and you’ll likely see mountains dusted with white. It’s probably the least visited season which is great if you want to soak in the elopement experience with less people around. And you can always drive out to nearby mountain towns for skiing & snowboarding!

One thing is for sure, no matter what season you visit, the views will be stunning! There’s really not a time of year that I dislike in Colorado Springs – every season is mild, sunny, and of course beautiful!

How To Pick A Venue In Colorado Springs

Why settle for traditional venues when Colorado Springs nature is the perfect backdrop for your big day? 

When people think of getting married in Colorado, a Breckenridge elopement or a Rocky Mountain National Park celebration may come to mind. But, Colorado Springs is a pretty special town to hold your big day too. 

Luckily for you, there are SO MANY awesome spots if you’re planning to elope in Colorado Springs, but before picking the perfect spot there are a few things to consider: 

  • Cost: It’s the biggest factor that will determine the kind of day you have. It’s important to implement a budget and stick to it. 
  • Season: What does this dream day of yours look like? Is the warm sun shining down on your back or perhaps you’re surrounded by fields filled with wildflowers?
  • Guests: Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have your loved ones with you, but if you’d prefer an intimate celebration of just the two of you, that is also possible. My favorite kinds of days include both guests & time for you to soak it all in as a couple!
  • Privacy: If you plan on eloping in a park, you’re not guaranteed privacy as it’s open to the public. Is this something that matters to the two of you?
  • Indoor or outdoor location: Colorado Springs is known for its stunning naturescapes but perhaps you’ve dreamt of a church wedding with nature as your view.  

My Favorite Spots For Wedding Photos

There are so many serene scenes, this list would be far too long if I tried to list all the idyllic places. However, in this Colorado Springs elopement guide, I wanted to share some of my favorite elopement locations and wedding photo spots to get started on your planning. 

Garden of the Gods

It’s one of my favorite views in Colorado Springs. This iconic location makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. With views of the red rock formations, Pikes Peaks, and sweeping topography, it’s easy to see why people want to get married here. 

It’s free to elope at Garden of the Gods, which is great for couples looking to have a lowkey and simple day. Just choose from one of the six dedicated elopement locations, but you’re also free to explore other parts of the park afterwards to take romantic elopement photography in Colorado Springs. 

I love Garden of the Gods because it truly is so unique – there aren’t many other places like it! The proximity to downtown & thoughtfully designed accommodations is also a huge plus!

North Cheyenne Canyon

If you’re looking for adventure and beautiful views, North Cheyenne Canyon could be one of the outdoor wedding venues in Colorado Springs to consider. Surround yourself with the majestic forest, and granite rock formations for a gorgeous backdrop to your occasion. 

If privacy is a priority, there are awesome hiking trails that offer secluded and intimate settings for your micro-wedding in North Cheyenne Canon. There is no need for decorations in a beautiful nature setting like this, the landscape is the perfect backdrop for your special day.

North Cheyenne Canyon is a perfect spot for your Colorado Springs elopement if you’re looking to get married in a spot that has adventure (with hiking and offroading), and feels tucked away in the mountains, while still having close proximity to town & to Denver.

Hidden Gems 

There are so many stunning hiking trails and picturesque pathways across Colorado Springs that are waiting to be discovered by you. Whatever your dream elopement day may look like, I can help by sharing hidden gems and plan a day that reflects who you both are. 

Elopement Venues In Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Colorado Springs then I have some great news for you. It has countless enchanting and unique wedding venues across the town, I guarantee you’ll find one that matches your wedding day aesthetic!

More and more couples opt for private rentals and Airbnb for lowkey, yet modern, small weddings. It’s the perfect way to hold a celebration with close members of your crew and go by your own timeline. 

For an adventurous yet simple and intimate celebration, there is nothing better than a hiking elopement in Colorado Springs. It could be just the two of you or with a handful of your close ones. 

But if that sounds too far-fetched, many traditional venues cater for smaller weddings and elopements. If you want a luxury affair, the venue and styling are key. From little touches to your floral arrangements, there are so many ways to make it romantic.

Here are some of my favorite venues: 

Riverhouse North

This Airbnb is one of the coziest and most unique places to stay around Colorado Springs. While it’s technically in Cascade, Colorado, it’s only 15 minutes from downtown which makes it a perfect home base for your elopement.

Every detail is thoughtfully curated, from the hot tub to the campfire in the backyard, and of the most beautifully designed rooms throughout the house. It’s a duplex as well, so you can also book the other side for your friends and family to stay too!

Book Riverhouse North on Airbnb

The Lofthouse 

The Lofthouse is one of the unique small wedding venues in Colorado Springs. This modern space is both an event space and Airbnb which is ideal for couples looking to stay and explore this town after their big day. 

Located in the Black Forest, it’s an idyllic wedding backdrop for you to read your vows. The venue interior has been minimally decorated so the 1200 sq ft of The Loft space is free to style as you please. It’s an amazing location to step into your next chapter. 

Check them out

Clay Venues

This urban wedding venue is another one of the amazing places to elope in Colorado Springs. They have a dedicated micro wedding package ideal for couples wanting to have a smaller celebration whilst including their families. 

With white walls, concrete floors, and a large open space, it’s very minimal with an industrial feel. But that means you can add your touch to it, whether that’s keeping it minimally decorated for a simple day or dressing it to the nines for a lavish celebration. 

The Downtown location not only means it’s super accessible for you and any guest to reach (only 20 minutes from COS airport) but also conveniently located by some of the great restaurants and hotels.  

Check them out

Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Not only is Colorado Springs a spectacular location for its picture-perfect landscapes, but for the amount of exploring you can do. It’s equally amazing for couples who want to have an adventure or sit back and relax. 

Here are a few suggestions for what to do in the town and maybe could give you some ideas for your elopement day adventure too: 


Whether you’re a novice or experienced hiker, someone who likes to experience nature from the comfort of their car, or an outdoor enthusiast, Colorado Springs offers wilderness excursions for every ability. Here are some you should check out if you’re ready to make the most of Colorado Springs’ magnificent landscapes.

  • Captain Jack’s Trail: Also known as Trail 667, it has ocean views and incredible mountain vistas that are accessible all year round. If you’re ready for an adventure, head out onto this trail, breathe in that fresh air, and walk through pine forests to take in the glorious views.
  • Drive up Pike’s Peak: Drive along 19 miles of meandering road with views of mountains, and lakes for a scenic drive up Pike’s Peak otherwise known as America’s Mountain. Enjoy the views at the top of one of the highest peaks of rocky mountains in Colorado, it’s rather magical up here.  
  • Ute Valley Park: This is a great place to come for a hike, mountain biking, or dog walking. It offers a variety of trails with rock formations, open fields, and mountains as your view. You’ll definitely leave feeling refreshed!  


From casual dining to something a bit more special, check out some of the best cafes and restaurants in Colorado Springs:

  • Loyal Coffee: If you’re a coffee lover, you have to pop into Loyal Coffee. It’s my absolute favorite coffee shop and you’re guaranteed a delicious cuppa Joe. 
  • Paravicini’s Italian: After a special dining experience? Visit this award-winning authentic Italian restaurant in Old Colorado City for delicious pasta. 
  • The Rabbit Hole: Looking for something a little different? Get underground for eclectic cuisine and mouth-watering cocktails to enjoy the Colorado Springs nightlife. 
  • Frozen Gold: Frozen Gold is any sugar lover’s dream and a perfect vibey spot for a cute date. Decadent homemade ice cream with lots of flavors and topping options, what’s not to love?
  • Josh & Johns: With three stores across Colorado Springs, you’ll likely come across Josh & John’s, a traditional ice cream store with delicious sweet delights. Churning nothing but the highest quality ice creams, there are so many flavors to choose from!
  • Denver Biscuit Co: The perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, indulge in savory gourmet biscuits filled with gravy and jam.


a couple is holding their dog on their elopement day at garden of the gods in Colorado Springs

Best Elopement Vendors in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking to elope here, you’ll probably also need a talented team of vendors to help your vision come to life! Here are some of my favorites in the area!

Amber Mustain Floral Design
Faye Floral
Provision Floral
Sweetwater Flower Market

Hair & Makeup:
Jessica Faye Beauty
Brie Miller Hair
Indie Bridal Co

Laurel Wedding Films

By now you probably realize how incredible this quaint city is for elopements! It offers a secluded setting to immerse yourself in nature while also providing excellent amenities and home comforts. 

My inbox is always open, so send me a message anytime. I’d love to be your elopement photographer in Colorado Springs!

April 10, 2024