Energetic Paradise Valley, Montana Portraits

Back in May, I went to Montana to visit my friend Rachel who had moved there to be a multimedia journalist (yes, she is as cool as she sounds). While I was there I got to meet Stephanie, who had reached out to me through Instagram. When she saw my post about traveling to Bozeman, she was super excited because she had moved to Montana from Bloomington, Indiana. She’d been wanting to do a portrait session for years, and finally decided to as a way to celebrate her birthday, so we set up a shoot and had the MOST fun! 

Stephanie is a freaking FIRECRACKER of spunk and energy, and is absolutely brilliant to boot. I learned so much from her while I was there, and am still learning things from her months later since we’re still in touch with each other! We ran around Paradise Valley, just outside of Bozeman, Montana and took photos in a few different spots. One of them was a random place off the road and the other was a fishing spot! 

Rachel and I got to hang out with Stephanie and her husband Keith in downtown Bozeman (which, by the way, is freaking cute and I can’t wait to visit again!) and we spent so long sitting and talking about pretty much everything. They’re avid hikers and backpackers, too, so we talked so much about the national parks (mostly Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton National Park). They pretty much spend all the time they can backpacking, and during the winter they’re planning their trips. Next year I may even go backpack with them in one of those parks! I absolutely fell in love with Yellowstone and the Tetons while I was there and I can’t wait to go see Glacier some day. 

So not only did I get to meet a really awesome client and take some super unique portraits, but now I have two more Montana friends and two more excuses to go run around some National Parks! 

October 14, 2019