Windy Black Forest Colorado Wedding

The windiest wedding day filled with sunshine and a little bit of rain, and all the love from the people surrounding this incredible couple. The morning started out with everyone getting ready and the excitement was tangible. As the time for the ceremony was getting closer, the wind picked up and rain drizzled down.

Julia & Micah decided to wait it out a little bit longer and see if the storm was going to let up at all. Once we were finally able to start the ceremony, it was incredible. The unexpected drizzles of rain and the powerful gusts of wind added some truly beautiful moments to the ceremony. This day was all about perseverance and finding and celebrating love in the midst of hardship – and I honestly can’t think of much more that could sum up this year better than that. As the ceremony drew to a close and Julia & Micah said their vows and prayed, Pikes Peak finally made an appearance through the thick clouds that covered the mountain peaks. And somehow, after supper, the sun came back out, and the two shared the first dance as the sun set in the distance.

I love Julia’s thoughts about the day:

“I have so many feelings & not enough words. But to sum it up- June 6th was more than I ever dreamed of. Micah & I had an intimate mountain wedding in the forest of pines surrounded by our closest family & friends. I felt God speak his power over us in the huge gusts of wind and his gentle love for us in the soft rain. The day was made just for us. I’ve never felt so loved by others & god.
I’ve felt the worlds brokenness in this time. It’s louder & heavier than ever. I wasn’t sure how or if it was even right to celebrate love when there’s so many things that need to be redeemed. So many things that are wrong & broken.
But this love I have with Micah is so right. And holy. And Isn’t that what faith is? Finding joy in the middle of the heaviness that this human life brings. Even in the storm- We will still be standing strong.
I think this is just the start of something wild & fun & powerful. Thank you to our loved ones who were there in spirit and in person. We love you all so much.”

The most incredible vendor team came together and made this day run smoothly and beautifully with all the best details.
Keely AF Events
Dweller Floret
Black Forest Lodge

It was such an honor to be a part of Julia & Micah’s beautiful wedding day at the Black Forest Lodge in Black Forest, Colorado.

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August 12, 2020