The Ultimate Guide To Airbnb Wedding Venues in Colorado

So, you’re freshly engaged, and you’ve got nothing but your upcoming wedding on the brain. Huge congrats! This is an exciting time for sure, but if a traditional wedding isn’t your vibe, you might be thinking about tying the knot in an Airbnb. If so, buckle up for your ultimate Airbnb wedding venue guide for Colorado!

As a Colorado elopement photographer, I’ve witnessed a beautiful shift towards more intimate affairs, and the trend is catching on like wildfire. Micro weddings and elopements have become the go-to choice for couples seeking an experience that is not only personal but also dripping with adventure. And where better to embark on this romantic escapade than in the heart of Colorado? That’s right — nowhere! 

What Exactly Is An Airbnb Wedding or Wedding Venue? 

An Airbnb wedding in Colorado is the epitome of a personalized, intimate celebration set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Essentially, it involves couples choosing an Airbnb property — whether it’s a charming cabin, a mountainside lodge, or a rustic retreat — as the venue for their nuptials. 

Unlike traditional wedding venues, Airbnb wedding venues offer a unique opportunity to infuse the event with your personality, allowing for a more relaxed and customizable experience. 

Whether you’re opting for a micro wedding with close family and friends or you’re looking for an elopement with just you and your love, Airbnb weddings in Colorado provide a platform where love and nature intertwine, creating a magical and unforgettable experience for the most special day of your lives. 

Is An Airbnb Wedding Or Elopement In Colorado Right for You? 

You’ve asked yourself, “Can I get married at an Airbnb in Colorado?” And you know the answer is yes. But is an Airbnb wedding right for you? 

An Airbnb wedding in Colorado is the perfect match for any couple who dreams of a more intimate and personalized celebration surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Rockies. If you’re the type of duo who envisions exchanging vows in a secluded mountain retreat while reveling in the freedom to curate every detail of your special day, then an Airbnb wedding is perfect for you. 

This option is tailor-made for those who seek an authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience, where the stunning Colorado landscape becomes an integral part of your love story. 

Snowy Airbnb wedding in Grand Lake Colorado, winter elopement on a frozen lake

How To Plan An Airbnb Wedding Or Elopement In Colorado

Planning an Airbnb wedding or elopement in Colorado opens the door to a world of possibilities. These venues are not your typical ballrooms or banquet halls; instead, they are often stunning homes offering unparalleled views of the Colorado mountains. 

Picture saying your vows against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset or exchanging rings with the snow-capped peaks as your witness. These Airbnb locations serve as blank canvases ready to be transformed to suit any couple’s unique taste, aesthetic, and vibe. 

The charm lies in their intimate setting, making them perfect for couples who prefer a more personal celebration!

Pro tip: Reach out to hosts to confirm what you’re planning (to ensure you’re following the house rules) and communicate your wedding day vision with them, especially if you’re including guests. 

What To Look For An Airbnb Wedding Venue

Being an elopement wedding photographer in Colorado gives me some invaluable insight to help guide you in selecting the perfect Airbnb wedding venue that not only speaks to your heart but also makes the perfect backdrop for your most special day. 

Here’s a quick list of considerations that I hope will inspire your search:

1.  Natural Light: 

Seek venues adorned with numerous windows or open spaces that effortlessly bathe the surroundings in luminous natural light. The play of sunlight adds a touch of magic to every frame, ensuring your moments are captured in the most enchanting glow.

2. Clean Design

I recommend steering clear of visually cluttered spaces or areas adorned with unnecessary elements. A clean design not only enhances the visual appeal of your venue but also provides a timeless backdrop for your love story.

3. Unique Architecture: 

Uncover hidden gems that boast a distinct and unique design. These venues, with their individual charm, tend to photograph exceptionally well.

4. Outdoor Charm: 

Depending on your vision, consider venues with captivating outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a charming porch surrounded by picturesque woods, or adorned with outdoor dining tables, these spaces add an element of romance to your celebration, providing endless opportunities for captivating photos.

5. Indoor Space: 

If you plan to wed indoors, the flexibility of ample indoor space cannot be overstated. Consider the number of guests who will be in the space, and opt for Airbnb venues where there’s room to breathe, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for all.

My Favorite Airbnb Wedding Venues In Colorado 

Call me biased if you want to, but I absolutely adore Colorado weddings and especially the allure of Airbnb wedding venues. 

Colorado Airbnb wedding venues in particular offer a unique canvas for any couple’s dream celebration, with colorful summers providing vibrant warmth, stunning falls adding a golden touch, and snowy winters transforming your special day into a magical wonderland. No matter your style or the season your wedding is going to take place, Colorado Airbnb weddings have something for every taste. 

The key to perfection? Defining your aesthetic. Whether you’re envisioning a rustic mountain retreat, a modern cabin with panoramic views, or a cozy cottage nestled in the woods, let your vision guide your search. 

Now that you know how to find Airbnbs for a wedding in Colorado, let’s talk about some of my favorite Colorado Airbnb wedding venues!

Alpenglow Cabin in Twin Lakes Cabin 

Looking into private homes for rent for weddings in Colorado? Look no further than this Alpenglow Cabin in Twin Lakes, Colorado. Cabins are some of my favorite  Colorado Airbnbs for your wedding for many reasons, and this one is a prime example of why.

Nestled in the heart of Twin Lakes, Colorado, this dreamy cabin is the epitome of rustic charm and modern comfort. 

Picture this: hardwood floors underfoot, a cozy wood-burning stove, and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame breathtaking mountain views. Whether you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding with a hot tub to warm your spirits or a summer celebration surrounded by nature, this Airbnb offers the perfect backdrop. 

Say “I do” inside the cabin, under the open sky on the deck or patio, or venture into the nearby woods for a ceremony that feels straight out of a fairytale. What makes Twin Lakes the ultimate wedding destination? It’s not just about the stunning views and modern-rustic decor; it’s the intimacy that comes with having the entire cabin to yourselves or sharing the joy with a handful of close friends and family. 

Cost: $396 a night

Bedrooms: 3 
Beds:: 3
Baths: 2.5
Guests: 5
Check it out here

Blue River Cabin In Breckenridge, CO

If you’re looking for  Colorado Airbnbs perfect for micro weddings, then get ready to say “I do” in the charming mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

For around $400 a night, you can make this hidden gem of a cabin your wedding haven. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, right off the Blue River, this mile-from-Breckenridge-Ski-Resort retreat is the ultimate blend of modern comfort and rustic allure. 

Overlooking Quandary Peak, the cabin’s spacious and beautifully lit bedrooms, complete with bunk beds in one of the rooms for a touch of childlike whimsy, make it the perfect escape for an intimate celebration. 

Picture your wedding unfolding on the deck or patio with a backdrop of breathtaking mountain vistas, or venture into the nearby woods for a ceremony that embraces the beauty of nature. Breckenridge sets the stage, and this cabin adds the magic, creating the ideal backdrop for your destination wedding dreams.

Cost: $412 a night

Bedrooms: 6
Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Guests: 6
Check it out here!

Telluride Home In Mountain Village, Colorado

Tie the knot in style at this breathtaking Telluride home in Mountain Village, Colorado. For those in search of Airbnb rentals for weddings in Colorado, this large and luxurious cabin is a vision both inside and out, making it an ideal setting for weddings year-round. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a snowy ski adventure in winter or a summer celebration surrounded by the beauty of aspen trees, this is one of the best Colorado Airbnbs for your wedding. 

The manicured front lawn, charming arched front door, oversized rustic furniture, and log stairs add quaint touches, while the large deck with a hot tub provides the perfect spot for post-wedding relaxation. This is not just a venue; it’s a haven for adventurous couples seeking an intimate wedding with a touch of luxury.

Cost: $538 a night

Bedrooms: 4
Beds: 7
Baths: 3
Guests: 8
Check it out here!

A-Frame Cabin In Woodland Park, Colorado 

Try saying “I do” to a uniquely intimate wedding experience at this charming A-Frame cabin. This space is the perfect Airbnb destination for couples seeking a cozy and budget-friendly micro wedding. 

Priced at just $142 a night, this gem offers million-dollar views from every angle. Inside, the wood-burning stove, floor-to-ceiling windows, and modern touches with a Western flair create a picturesque setting that not only feels special but also photographs beautifully. 

The small size of the cabin fosters an incredibly intimate wedding atmosphere, whether you choose to exchange vows inside, on the deck, or amidst the nearby trees. My personal favorite? The fire pit out front! It makes for the perfect spot for couples to unwind after their ceremony, sipping wine or champagne under the stars.  

Cost: $142 a night

Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Guests: 2 
Check it out here!

Architecturally Unique Home in Telluride, Colorado  

As it says in its listing, this home is an architectural masterpiece in the heart of Telluride, Colorado. 

Hosting up to eight guests, this home is more than just walls — it’s a canvas of windows framing breathtaking mountain views. Whether you opt for an intimate affair with just a handful of loved ones or you choose to keep the architectural masterpiece all to yourselves, the possibilities are as limitless as the surrounding mountains. 

With incredible natural lighting, a picturesque patio, and a backdrop that looks like a postcard, this location not only provides a beautiful setting but also photographs like a dream. Have your ceremony inside, on the deck, or at the edge of the cascading forest — this Telluride gem is ready to turn your wedding day into a masterpiece of its own.

Cost: $629 a night

Beds: 5
Baths: 2
Guests: 8 
Check it out here!

Exquisite Home In Colorado Springs, Colorado 

For those looking for stunning Airbnb wedding venues in Colorado Springs, feast your eyes on this incredible gem.

Imagine a wedding escape to a mountain retreat in an exquisite home, where unique touches like arched ceilings, rustic furnishings, a beautiful fireplace, and an artfully designed kitchen set the stage for an incredible wedding day with incredible wedding photos to follow. 

Just ten minutes from the iconic Garden of the Gods, this “little oasis” offers more than cozy interiors — it boasts an outdoor garden, a patio grill, and a delightful private hot tub. Ideal for couples seeking charm without sacrificing city nightlife, this venue invites you to say “I do” inside or out. 

Cost: $225 a night

Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Guests: 6
Check it out here!

Is A Colorado Airbnb Wedding Calling Your Name? 

If you’re dreaming of tying the knot in a Colorado Airbnb venue, I can’t say I blame you. These venues exude adventure, romance, and intimacy all in one. 

When searching for your perfect Airbnb wedding venue in Colorado, remember to keep an eye out for the wedding-friendly (and photo-friendly) features mentioned above — spacious indoor areas, outdoor ceremony spaces, and of course, those Instagram-worthy views. 

And of course, I’m always available to help turn your dream wedding celebration into a reality. Contact me today and let’s discuss your Colorado Airbnb wedding venue and Colorado wedding elopement photography. I can’t wait to get started!

February 8, 2024