Night Adventure Session at a Midwest Waterfall

When Lizzy first reached out to me, the way she described her relationship with Micah was like she was describing my relationship with my husband, and it felt like we just knew each other. I honestly don’t think I could love these two more because they are the absolute sweetest, and I just adore them. 

We planned their adventure session for the fall so that we would have the perfect colors for their photos! We decided it would be fun to get off the beaten path and maybe dip some toes in the water, so I suggested a waterfall in southern Indiana as a location idea and she was all for it! Indiana waterfalls (and cool landscapes, let’s be honest) are pretty few and far between, so this is always one of my favorite places to shoot at! 

On the way there, both of us got stuck in 45+ minutes of traffic and when we finally got the waterfall, we had about 30 minutes of light left. Luckily, we had some great ideas and this has remained one of my favorite sessions because of how much fun we had – even with a short time frame.

I absolutely love night photography, so also having the opportunity to play around a little bit, when I don’t normally get the chance, was incredibly fun, and I had the most patient and wonderful couple to photograph! While we were driving there, I was anxiously coming up with some ideas for how I could incorporate the low-light into their session. I secretly love having a road block (quite literally, in this case) that pushes back on time, light, or space. I feel like those are really the moments where you get to have a ton of fun and be extra creative.

Adventure sessions are always going to be my favorite. Having so much time to wander around and explore a new place you’ve never been to before (or one you have!) and just soak it all in together. Plus, with this kind of session, you can really do your own thing. Want to go swimming?! Why not! Have a picnic and watch the sunset? Heck yeah!

The sky is really the limit these days when it comes to adventure engagement sessions.

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February 4, 2020