Cameron & Elizabeth’s Intimate Woodland Wedding

You guys. An intimate woodland sunset ceremony and the most beautiful details and couple…what more could you want?  A two day wedding celebration complete with an orchestra, dancing, and lots of kisses. Cameron and Elizabeth were so open to all of my ideas and it let our creativity run wild in all the best ways. Also, I can never get enough of backyard weddings. This day all happened at their friend’s property in Indiana! 

This wedding is definitely proof that having extra time for your portraits is the BEST. We didn’t have to worry about how much time we had because so much was built in! We got to just spend time hanging out, Cameron and Elizabeth were able to really connect with each other and we were able to get such a wide variety of images that they get to cherish for forever. I honestly can’t believe this is my job, it’s just the best, especially on days like this one! These are probably going to remain some of my favorite images for a long time. And I love that we got to shoot after the sun set. The challenge of shooting in low light is my favorite and makes for such unique photographs that speak so honestly about the couple.

Cameron and Elizabeth’s wedding weekend also speaks to the idea of doing your wedding your own way! Instead of doing their wedding all in one day, they chose to have a multi-day celebration which means more time to really relax and be present and visit with your guests, and more time to celebrate the commitment you’re making to each other on your wedding day. Because that’s really what it’s all about. Maybe traditions are important to you, and if they are you should incorporate those! But if you’re not one for following in other’s footsteps, maybe this will serve as an idea of something you could do! Wedding weekends all the way.

January 2, 2019