A Cozy Weekend in Southern Colorado

Back in October, I took a little weekend trip to Colorado to visit some friends. Much of the time we spent playing games and drinking coffee by the wood stove while the biggest snowflakes fell and doused the mountain in fluffy white outside. This town, Westcliffe, Colorado, is super tiny and in the middle of nowhere but it’s so beautiful. We stayed up in the mountains at 9,000 feet. The valley below, which is where the town actually is, is at 7,000. Every time I’m back in Westcliffe, it takes me about as long as I’m there to adjust to the altitude. 

One morning, we drove down to the valley below and watched the sun gradually begin it’s journey across the mountaintops, the golden rays of orange gently embracing the jagged rock. The way the earth melts into the atmosphere in the morning is Mother Nature’s poetry. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever seen something quite as beautiful as the sunrise over the mountaintops.

Each time I visit, I think I leave a little piece of my heart there. 

We got to meet these two cuties, Nicki and Kimia, this time around. We spent a bunch of time together playing games, walking around, and just hanging out. These two are awesome. On one of our walks we had a two minute photo session, I’m obsessed. These are such great representations of these two and their love for each other.

February 6, 2019