Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement

Aspen colorado sunrise hiking elopement at maroon bells

Maegon & Corey’s elopement day in Aspen was definitely one for the books! We got up super early and drove to the trailhead while it was still pitch-black outside.

We hiked a few miles through the dark, with our headlamps as the only light in the forest. After a while, we made it to a break in the trees where we could see the sky starting to turn a lighter blue and illuminate the mountain peaks!

When we made it to the lake (which is easily one of my favorite alpine lakes in Colorado!), Maegon & Corey changed into their wedding attire & had the best first look. They started their ceremony by playing rock, paper, scissors to see who should read their vows first. Corey lost, so he got ready to say his vows. He started out by winging it before he decided to go ahead and read what he had written anyway.

After their ceremony, they celebrated with cupcakes and coffee before we hiked back down! Later in the day, we had some crazy rainy weather, so they ended up spending the evening cuddled up at their campsite.

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December 16, 2021