Night Adventure Session at a Midwest Waterfall


I LOVE Cataract Falls – I always make a trip out there anytime I’m back in Indiana. You captured the scenery & these two so perfectly. I’m glad you waited for the fall colors!

I LOVE Cataract Falls! Anytime I’m back in Indiana I always try & make it over there. You captured the scenery of it all & these two perfectly. And I’m so glad you waited for the fall colors to come in!

Um, I absolutely am in LOVE with these photos! The lighting it PERFECT! It totally sucks you got stuck in traffic but man, maybe it was a blessing with this yummy light! Love the adventure sessions!

Everything about this is so dreamy; what an amazing location!! The photos are beautiful xx

These are so gorgeous!!! You can truly see their connection through your photos and I LOVE those night shots!

Aww, it’s so neat how everything came together, despite the original plans! I love when that happens: and you got some amazingly unique and stunning shots!

WOW these are so cool!! Your work is stunning

OH MY FREAKING GOSH those astro photos are absolutely amazing! Job well done. This looks like such a fun couples session!

Whaaa those nighttime images are amazing! Love the couple too, they look so fun!

Wow! I love these! The star photos at the end are STUNNING.

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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