Sunrise to Sunset Adventure Elopement in Yosemite

Yeang-Shin & Anderson’s elopement in Yosemite was a dream!

They stayed at Autocamp Yosemite (actually one of my favorite places on planet earth!), where I met up with them to take some day-before photos – check those out here! The morning of their elopement, we woke up early for sunrise and made our way into the park for some exploring!

We watched the sun rise over Half Dome from Glacier Point and just soaked in all the goodness of the morning. Yeang-Shin & Anderson decided to share a picnic with baked goods from one of their favorite bakeries in San Francisco (it was delicious!). Yeang-Shin & Anderson are both huge foodies – so we spend the day exploring and chatting about their favorite things to cook, favorite dishes, and everything else food related. Anderson even made us lamb the night before their elopement, and it was quite honestly some of the best food I’ve had!

After their picnic, we made our way down the valley to explore waterfalls & Tunnel View. They switched outfits too, into traditional Chinese wedding attire. I always love when my couples choose to bring in personal elements like this.

We decided to take a break in the afternoon to beat the heat & relax for a while until it was time for our sunset hike. I met back up with them at Autocamp & we made our way back into Yosemite National Park!

The hike to Taft Point is one of my favorites of all time – it’s not terribly difficult or long, and it’s such a pleasant walk through the massive forest before you come upon the most amazing overlooks! We took our time as we hiked through the enchanted woods, stopping for photos along the way. Finally we made it out to Taft Point and got to enjoy one of the best sunsets of our lives! Yeang-Shin & Anderson were completely blown away by the amazing experience. We stayed out til dark watching the sun turn the sky orange and back to blue.

Yeang-Shin & Anderson’s Yosemite National Park elopement was truly one of my favorite days. These two are so sweet together & just love to have fun. It was such an honor to witness their commitment & get to spend time with them exploring Yosemite!

February 1, 2023