Ends of the Earth Workshop

An intentional workshop experience for photographers that want to book their dream elopements in the San Juan Mountains & beyond

Let me guess - you spend most of your time sitting around, waiting for the day you finally get an inquiry in your dream locations.

You’ve put your travel schedule on your website, shared it on Instagram, and you’re left wondering how all these other photographers get booked in the most beautiful places around the globe.

You’ve spent time and money traveling to your favorite places, setting up styled shoots, only to be left without a strategy to actually market yourself.

And now you’re stuck wondering what the heck you’re doing wrong.

Here’s the deal - you’ve already been waiting this long for something to change.

Doing the same things you’ve always done is going to leave you with the same results - stressed out and not booked out.

Let me guess - you’ve experienced this at workshops:

  • Nudging and elbowing 20 other photographers, trying to get the photos you need to market yourself as an elopement photographer
  • Education that promised to change your life…but was filled with fluff and no actionable steps to help you get where you want to go
  • Styled shoots that were filled with unrealistic details that didn’t match the vibe of laid-back eloping couples

But what if I told you that workshops don't have to be like that?

What if I told you - you could have this experience instead:

  • Having 1:1 time with every couple, so you know you’re going to leave with the images you’ve been dreaming about for years
  • Leaving with a complete strategy to book adventure elopements in Colorado & beyond
  • Photographing a full-day elopement story, with every detail from handwritten vows to rings and realistic tablescapes, instead of just a couple running around a meadow
  • Finally feeling proud of your portfolio of artistic images that light you up & remind you how important this job is
  • Experiencing the adventure of Jeeping down the backroads of the San Juan Mountains - and having the photos to show for it
  • A focus on diverse couples so you walk away with a portfolio that represents what a real elopement looks like
  • Being able to create community with your new group of business besties that are ready to cheer you on & root for your success

Imagine having a workshop experience with hosts who genuinely want to see you succeed.


Ends of the Earth Workshop

An intentional workshop experience for photographers that want to book their dream elopements in the San Juan Mountains & beyond.

This workshop contains everything you’ll need to know to market yourself as the knowledgeable elopement expert that couples NEED. You’ll learn everything from client experience to marketing the images you make at this workshop to book other adventurous couples.

We’ve designed this experience to be highly intentional so that you get the best images and can learn everything you need to know to best market those images!

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a sneak peak at

The Workshop Locations

This may be your first time exploring the San Juans, so we’ve intentionally chosen some of the most adventurous and remote locations in the area, so you can truly experience the best of the best. We will be embarking on multi-day private Jeeping excursions through the heart of the San Juan mountains, exploring alpine lakes, meadows of wildflowers, rugged peaks, and vast landscapes.

The San Juans are an untapped market, just waiting to explode in popularity. You’ll walk away from this workshop with knowledge & experience of the area, so you can expertly guide couples to elope here.

Why our workshop? The value:

This is more than just a workshop. It’s an experience.

Ends of the Earth Workshop has been intentionally curated to give you a fully immersive, all inclusive experience. With incredible accommodations nestled in the mountains of the San Juans, all food + drink provided, you’ll be able to sit back, and truly enjoy the experience.

The content we provide will go deeper than a typical content day, and reflect what a real elopement day in the San Juans would look like. We’re focusing on storytelling, realistic but beautiful details, and time to slow down and soak it all in. You’ll walk away with tangible experience shooting in the San Juans, an effective portfolio to market to REAL couples, and work that feels authentic and meaningful.

You will learn how to:

  • Attract adventurous couples, in epic destinations like the San Juans
  • Craft incredible, high end experiences for your couples, that get you 5-star reviews
  • Create intentional & meaningful imagery that leaves your couples speechless
  • Show up on Google so those adventurous couples can find you
  • Create a kick-ass website that converts your dream couples on autopilot

Everything you need to know

Workshop Details

  • 5 days & 4 nights in one of the coolest Airbnb cabins in Ouray, Colorado. There are 7 beds for 12 attendees, so some will be shared.
  • A welcome dinner styled by our amazing planner
  • All meals - we’ll have pizza one night, tons of snacks, and some other delicious meals for you to enjoy! We’ll be bringing food on our shoots so that you can stay happy and not hangry 🙂
  • Branding photos so your clients can see your smiling face adventuring in the most rugged mountains of Colorado
  • 3 full-day elopements + 1 adventurous couples session focused on storytelling so you walk away with full galleries to show your potential clients
  • A focus on diverse couples so you walk away with a portfolio that represents what a real elopement looks like
  • Jeep adventures for all of our shoots! The San Juans have the most 4WD roads above 12,000 feet, so we’ll be exploring some of our favorite locations with you!

Get to know your workshop hosts:

Get to know Meagan

Hey friend, we're Carissa & Meagan - and we can’t wait to help you create your dream elopement photography business.

We’ve grown our businesses from our home base of Colorado and positioned ourselves as experts in the San Juan Mountains. We went from struggling for inquiries to booking adventurous couples on the regular - from $2,000 elopements to $6,000 elopements every single time.

And not only is it possible, it’s going to happen for you, too, friend.

We’re stoked to share with you everything we know about being an elopement photographer - marketing, creating amazing work, SEO to show up on Google, and how to have the most amazing client experience for your couples.

No questions are off-limits - our hope for this workshop is that you’ll be able to walk away with all the strategy & knowledge you need to market to adventurous couples and, of course, the photographs to show for it.

meagan loves:

  • Time spent outside
  • Homemade margaritas
  • Meaningful conversations

Get to know carissa

Carissa loves:

  • her Maltipoo named louie
  • Jeep adventures in Ouray
  • Cooking delicious meals

The Workshop Schedule

Check out the Pinterest boards for the styled shoots here.

We’ll start the day with breakfast, and education by Meagan and Carissa, before getting ready for our styled shoots.

Our private Jeeps will pick us up at the Air-Bnb and we will head out into the mountains for 2 incredible elopements at Yankee Boy Basin. We’ll be staying out until after sunset (getting all those awesome blue hour photos) before heading back to the Airbnb for dinner!

The last day will be super laid back, and fun with the goal of spending time exploring around town, and learning! This will allow all the attendees to have plenty of one-on-one time with Meagan and Carissa, and get more personalized education. We will also have time to edit together around the fireplace, sunset headshots, and a night time excursion to one of Ouray’s amazing natural hot springs.

Day 04

Day 02

Day 05

Day 01

Day 03

Final goodbyes - we’ll have coffee & breakfast, say our final goodbyes, ask any last questions, and leave the Airbnb by 11am.

We’ll meet at our Airbnb in Ouray at 4pm for a fun welcome dinner styled by our amazing planner. We will spend the evening eating good food, relaxing and getting to know each other!

We’ll start our day with another delicious breakfast, and more education. After that, we will shoot a cozy indoor session / getting ready photos at the Air-Bnb before heading into the mountains.

Our private Jeeps will pick us up again at the Air-Bnb, but this time we will be heading out to multiple high alpine lakes outside of Silverton. We will shoot a full, adventurous elopement day, as well as an adventure session, before heading back to Ouray for dinner at the Air-Bnb.

we can't wait to see you succeed

Ends of the Earth Workshop Pricing & Payment Plans

Ends of the Earth Workshop will take place August 8-12, 2023 in Ouray, CO

We can't wait for you to join us in exploring the San Juan Mountains of Colorado!

There are only 12 spots for Ends of the Earth Workshop so that we can create a highly intentional experience.

Payment Plans

to suit your specific business needs

3 payments of $1250

1 payment of $3600

5 Payments of $775


Frequently Asked Questions

By the end of our time together, you'll have:

  • A complete strategy to get booked in epic & remote destinations like the San Juans
  • An amazing portfolio of full-day elopements to inspire your future couples
  • The support of your hosts and new business besties who genuinely want to see you succeed

Countdown to the Workshop!

a couple holding hands with their new wedding rings

We can't wait to see you succeed.

Let's celebrate you with an amazing investment in your business. You're worth it.

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