I do things a little differently.

I’m not a traditional photographer. If you’re looking for someone to show up and just take pretty photos, we may not be the best fit. I want these images to be meaningful to you. I don’t want to just take “pretty photos,” I want to collaborate with you to create something beautiful together.

This means you’ll have to be okay with letting me in to capture the moments where you’re feeling every emotion. The ones where you have tears running down your cheeks as your love is reading their vows to you. The ones where you’re laughing so hard you can’t stop. The ones where you’re nervous before seeing your other half on your wedding day. All of these and more.


Destination Weddings & Elopements

I'll capture every moment of your wedding day in a way that is honest and candid and 100% you. Whether you dream of getting married in Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, or Hawaii, I'll help you find your perfect destination.

Local Weddings & Elopements

Small and intimate weddings. I'm all about breaking traditions and doing things the way that feels true to you. Whether you're traveling to a foreign country or reading your vows on a mountaintop in a national park (that's what I did!), or an intimate ceremony in the place you got engaged, I'll be there for it and document the way it feels.


Couple and engagement photos have easily become one of my favorites to shoot. Let's plan an awesome adventure for you guys and have a blast getting your photos taken. I want this to feel more like a really cool date with your favorite third wheel.